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Fruity: An oil is fruity when its flavour and aroma are similar to that of a healthy fresh olive, picked at optimum ripeness.

Fruity and ripe: Olive oil flavour extracted from ripe fruits, usually a slightly subdued smell and a sweet taste.

Almond: This flavour can be of two types: of fresh almonds and of dried almonds which may be confused for almonds that are just beginning to go rancid. It can be noted as an aftertaste when the oil remains in contact with the tongue or the palate. This flavour is associated with oils made from sweet olives with subdued aromas.

Grass: Some olive oils have a flavour reminiscent of freshly cut grass.

Green leaves: Olive oil flavour extracted from olives that have been picked too early, or from olives milled along with leaves and stems.

Apples: Olive oil flavour reminiscent of apples.

Bitter: This flavour is characteristic of fresh green olives and it is also an inherent attribute of this variety. There are varieties such as the Picual and Cornicabra olives which are more bitter than the Manzanilla, Lechín, or Arbequina olives. These flavours may be considered more or less pleasant
depending on individual tastes.

Sweet: The sweet flavour in olive oils is considered as the lack of bitter or spicy hot flavour.
Not all consumers find this flavour pleasant.

Aceite de oliva virgen extra OIL TASTING NOTES 2005:

Aceite de oliva virgen extra extra virgin olive oil has a pure clean aroma which is surprisingly fresh and vivid, reminiscent of fresh green fruits. Aromatic touches of tomato, grass, artichoke and apple can be discerned, as well as hints of banana and wild fruits. It has a nutty almond flavour – bitter, slightly spicy, with a sweet and fluid finish.

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